United Barbell Open.

September 24, 2012

I had 2 lifters compete this weekend at the United barbell Open in Oakland.  Cecily went had a pretty good day.  Missed a couple snatches behind her and ended up making only her opener at 73.  I gotta say though, all her weights looked approximately HELLA light.  A few snatch balances and some heavy snatch sessions should clear that right up and she’ll be crushing 80kg on a regular basis.  She also went pretty big on her cleans too.  Opened up at 96 and from there we went straight to 101.  Both were excellent lifts.  We’ve been working a lot on her footwork with her jerks.  You can hear me in the background yelling at her “EVEN SPLIT” meaning to punch her front foot equidistant from her starting position and to not shoot her back leg way out there, making for a lunging style save.  She went for 104 next.  Made the clean but missed the jerk.  Everything was technically correct.  104 just happens to be approximately HELLA heavy so she wasn’t able to recover from the jerk.

Cam also had a pretty good day.  He only made his opener at 105 snatch.  But 105 was a weight that he would finish at a few months ago.  A stronger, more fit Cameron is looking for bigger numbers.  We just widened his grip out a bit to make the turnover a bit easier which is leading to a greater effort needed to keep the bar stable overhead.  But I think it should payoff after another month or so.  He clean and jerked the piss out of 140.  Went for a PR at 146 and missed the clean out front.  I was joking around with him after, saying that he was too busy posing like the Milo poster of Chigishev at the top of his extension to bother with getting underneath the bar.  I mean seriously, it was like quadruple extension.

It’s all about that quadruple extension, bro.

All in all, it was another good showing for the team and we had an awesome time.  Literally every person I spoke to at the meet asked if I had gotten bigger, including Brian Wilhelm.  And when Brian Wilhelm says that you’ve gotten a bigger then you KNOW you’ve gotten bigger.

2 Responses to “United Barbell Open.”

  1. Cameron said

    Bro, you gotta admit, I looked EXACTLY like Chigy…

    except minus the headband and with shorter hair…

    and minus 20lbs of muscle…

    and with 100kg less on the bar.

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