Rhino Dyno.

September 25, 2012

Stan “Rhino” Efferding is a big dude.  I’ve seen this guy crush some serious weights too.  Here’s a video of him going through a warm-up routine for his squats.  It’s pretty similar to one that I have CC, Em and a one of my personal training clients do as well.  I think it’s helped out CC a lot, especially while snatching.  She used catch one every now and then that would throw one of her legs into what I call a “stanky leg” snatch.  But those have since decreased in frequency and I attribute that in part to our variation of this warm-up.

Stan will be at the SPF powerlifting meet at my gym in November.  Should be quite the show.

4 Responses to “Rhino Dyno.”

  1. Dan said

    They told him he’d never walk, and never read again. Never squat, never deadlift, never have sex again….with, with a female hahahahaha

  2. this has got me psyched! not just because the Rhino is a beast warrior from the future, but because I have been developing some hip flexor pain…and am scouring for helpful tidbits…

    If you have time, could you elaborate a tiny bit on your version(s) of this warmup?



    • bclaridad said

      I’ll probably make a video of it sometime in the future so that mark doesn’t steal my idea again (just kidding mark. Please don’t beat me up). I/the lifter will sit on either a bench or a low box with our feet a little wider than usual with our toes face straight forward. We will then shove out knees out and perform a static hold for about 30 secs or so. Immediatly after we will bring out feet into our normal squat position with feet still straight ahead and perform 20 or so “knee pumps” after which we’ll abandon the bench and sit down into a full squat a few times. I do it not only for my hips but to save my knees. If the track in a bit they fucking hurt.

  3. Kyle Kubler said

    im glad you also appreciate the stanky leg in all its glory. id love to see a stanky leg snatch. (i guess it wouldnt be appropriate to call it the stanky snatch) G-Spot boys 4 lyfe

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