Trap Cut Friday.

September 30, 2012

A quick anecdote for you.

A few years ago, Jon North and I were pumping iron at a local 24 hour fitness.  Yes, this included doing curls in the squat rack.  During our 4th set of preacher curls, he gave me some advice; and for some reason, it’s stuck with me to this day.  He told me:

“If you look big, you feel big.  And if you feel big, you lift big.”

Friday night was our second “themed” workout for our heavy day.  Trap Cut Friday.  Yes, as head coach, I required every member underneath my influence to wear a trap cut shirt to the workout.  And if they didn’t already have one, I showed them how to make one.  Life skills.

Team building at it’s finest.  The one kid with sleeves still intact is my brother.

John Tai was the first person to ask me how to properly trap cut a shirt (that day.  It happens more often than you think).  Naturally, I decided to film the process.

Here is the finished product.

John lifted with a little extra pepper on this night. It can only be attributed to the newly exposed traps.

At the end of the video, I briefly explained that cutting out the neck hole from the shirt is also beneficial.  I guarantee you, the comfort experienced by this extra effort takes your trap cut to a different level.  It also adds to the aesthetic appeal of your yoke.


But enough fashion.  The energy in the gym that night was electric.  This led to a few PR’s.  Here is one.

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