Friday: Socks Edition.

October 18, 2012

Last Friday was our very first inter-team competition: guys vs. girls.  Each member’s total for the day would be compared to their best gym max for both lifts and then avereaged with the other teammates’ scores.  Cameron’s total acted as the wild card.  He subbed his total in place of the lowest total.  The girls came out on top scoring a 98% as a team.  With Cameron’s total subbed in, the men came close with a 97%.  Everyone was going BIG.  I mean, BIG PR attempts and BIG misses.  It ended up being a lot of fun and we’ll probably do similar contests in the future.

Here’s a few photos.

I’ve put on some weight. Not all bad weight. Some muscles involved. I’m well on my way to becoming a tank.

John Tai made all kinds of gains with his clean and jerks, hitting a 120PR. Here’s him snatchin’ a hundo.

CC took a couple attempts at an 82 snatch. Not quite there, but overall getting way more consistent.

I was good for a 135/160.  Which is awesome.  My back is still mending but overall the pain is greatly decreased.  I also got my long lost training partner, Alex “The General” Lee, back.  When we work out on the same bar it’s like that one scene from office space where they’re beating the shit out of the copy machine.  What I’m trying to say, is that he’s a good thing for me.  I honestly think a 140/170 is well within my reach tomorrow.

As far as my goal of making it to the American open, it’s still up in the air.  I’m lifting again, but my back is still around 70%.  Last year, I dieted back down to 105, coming off a back injury, and hit like a 135/160.  I’d rather not do that again this year as a super.  Also, CC and I already booked our tickets.  We fly in on Saturday.  B sessions take place on Friday, so I’d have to make the A session total at the meet were going to on November 4th.  We’ll see.  If nothing else, tomorrow should go well.

One Response to “Friday: Socks Edition.”

  1. Dan said

    You got that 140/170 big ben

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