Eyes Unpolluted.

October 29, 2012

Last Saturday, I had my first back squat session since I (re)injured my back a little over a month ago.  The program I wrote for my team called for just one heavy set of five; a pretty good day to jump in.  CC, M and Ann had gotten their workouts in that morning and all three of them achieved pretty significant personal records.  CC hit an extremely easy set of 5 at 120kg; so easy in fact, that she decided hit another set at 125 for an overall 10kg PR.  It still looked pretty easy.  Squatting strength is one of M’s limiting factors.  It’s not that she has weak legs.  Lack of hip mobility and loss of body tension will cause her to get pitted at the bottom, even while working up with sub-maximal weights.  We’ve been working to improve both of these factors and she’s been getting a great deal more horsepower driving out of the hole.  She recently clean and jerked 90 with her best front squat only being 95 and her best back squat only being 100.  On this day, she hit 100 for a set of 5 so to say that she’s showing improvement would be an understatement.  Ann had a goal of squatting 137 before our meet on November 4th.  She crushed that and then got another at 145.

I’m usually working until around noon on Saturdays so most of the time I’ll go home, nap and open up the gym later that evening for myself and whoever missed the workout that morning.  On this particular Saturday, I was mildly hungover so an extra hour or so of napping was very necessary.  6 hours later I was back at the gym by myself.  I wouldn’t recommend this (for safety reasons).  But I’ve had to train by myself for a good portion of my lifting career so I’ve grown accustomed to it.  Also, I knew for a fact that at least one of my athletes was going to get a workout in so at least she would be there to find my rotting corpse if I passed out with a couple hundo on my back.  My go-to soundtrack when working out in this situation is usually an extremely moody and brooding playlist consisting of a lot of Radiohead.  If not that, then I’ll throw on Sleep-Dopesmoker because a lot of times the only way to get through the whole thing is to be engaged in something whilst listening.

Here’s another good tune.

I’m working my way up my sets of 5 pretty quickly.  I had a pretty extended warm-up period consisting of mobilizing, voodoo flossing, glute-activation with bands and a dynamic warm-up.  I hit 70,120, threw on a belt and hit 160.  I unrack 190 and out of the corner of my eye I see two sets of tiny hands reaching up the bars protecting the windows of my gym.  The tiny hands struggle to pull up the tiny heads of some Middle Eastern kids who were cruising the neighborhood on their bicycles.  Upon seeing me, aggro as fuck, moody electronic blaring with 190kg on my back, their faces lit up at first with confusion and then with astonishment.  I’m sure they didn’t even know the building was a gym with the roll-up door locked up and half of the lights switched off.  I don’t disappoint as I really sell this set of 5 to these kids.  Upon racking the weight, they each lift off one hand from the metal bars and start cheering.  I do what comes naturally and give them a quick bicep flex accompanied by a nod of approval.  I might as well have told them to say their prayers and eat their vegetables.  Fueled by this, my next set at 210 comes pretty easy.  I go super aggro with the aid of Slayer and hit a set of 4 at 227.  Damn.  Almost had it.  I guess the point of telling you all this is that sometimes we forget how cool lifting weights can be, especially to eyes unpolluted.


One Response to “Eyes Unpolluted.”

  1. MM said

    Still one of my favorite posts. It really is pretty cool. 🙂

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