Stand By Me.

October 31, 2012

There I sat on my stack of plates.  Exhausted.  Sweating profusely and breathing heavily.  I turned to my left and told Derek that it was going to be “a long road back.”  After taking up both snatches and cleans with Alex “The General” Lee, I landed some pretty dismal numbers.  Better than last Wednesday, but that’s not really saying a whole lot.  Alex pointed at me, silently asking if I wanted another attempt at the 150 clean and jerk that I just clarked.  I waved my hand at him “no”.  I watched him clean 160 a few times and decided that I just needed more reps.  More reps.  More reps is all I need.  The Clash was on the Stereo and somehow it seemed fitting for the humility that I was experiencing.

If I wasn’t going to lift anything heavy, I may as well be productive and get as much work in as I could.  He pointed at me again, silently asking what weight I wanted next.  “70”.  He stopped what he was doing and looked up at me like I just walked into a bar and ordered a tall, ice cold glass of Crystal Light.  Lemon Raspberry flavor.  If I had any pride left, I would’ve swallowed it; took a set of 3, loaded 100 and sat down.  Back to the safety of my stack of plates, I sat, wondering why that felt so much easier than the first time I took 70 for a set of 2.


Double clean and jerks at 100, 110, 120x, 120x, 120, 130, 140 and then 150.  Each time I would finish my set, gasping for air and return to my stack of plates where I would sit and feel my rhythm come back to me.  A concerned and slightly amused CC motioned her shaker cup at me, offering me water.  I waved my hand “no”.  160.  Fuck it, let’s load a 170.  I chalked up my hands and then Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash came on the stereo.  Camilo went over to change it thinking that I would surely want to listen to something to get me fired up.  “LEAVE IT.”  Five or six deep breaths and then I pulled the dickens out of that 170 and racked that sucker.  I had nothing left in me to jerk but that is the most work I’ve been able to get in one session in about 3 months and the first time I pulled 170 since my injury.  Moral of the story: more reps.  Always more reps.  You may have the strength needed to go big, but if you can’t catch a rhythm or if your mind just isn’t mentally prepared to take risks, then you need more reps, my friend.

One Response to “Stand By Me.”

  1. Feelin it…was good to see that wee smile on your face last nite..good on you, coach.

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