Happy Holidays.

December 26, 2012

Santa stopped by for our Friday night heavy session last week.  Apparently, it’s pretty common to practice the lifts in the North Pole.

Happy Holidays, everybody.  Thanks for reading and be safe this New Year’s Eve.

MOAR Supersquats.

December 22, 2012

Here’s my set for week II.  I decided to take 162 so I could take 172 next week for a PR and maybe take a crack at 400lbs. for my last week.

I also recorded a few of my athlete’s sets.  Check my Youtube channel for all the ones I got on video.  Here’s CC’s set at 90.

And lastly, here’s D-Money’s failed attempt at 120.  I like to give Derek a hard time but he works hard and has made big improvements on his technique and mobility.  He’s got 2 more weeks to make this set at 120.

He eventually DID get up off the ground.  He asked me,

“Why? Why not 15?”

Being a fan of overly simple answers, I told him,

“Because when you do 20 of something, you develop a little more ownership of that weight.”

“Oh . . . Well, I just got OWNED.”




Super Squats Week One.

December 14, 2012

Saturdays are usually our volume squatting days, but I got mine in tonight after going heavy.  I’ll be in the city tomorrow as I have 2 lifters in a local meet.  I snatched 130.  My best in about 4 weeks.  I injured my wrist two weeks before the open and it is still bothering me.  Consequently, I haven’t been able to snatch very well lately (or at all).  I moved in my grip a little just for the time being and it’s helping a bit.  I also had a great clean and jerk at 170.  Dece.

Here’s my set of 20.  I took it up to 220 before this and dropped down to 150.

Pretty fun in my opinion.

Mighty Ducks.

December 10, 2012

Here it is.  Remember the last time CC had an epic battle with her 3rd attempt clean and jerk?  Well here’s the squeal.

Check THIS out.

Check THIS out.

Sweet Christmas, that was a fight.

Sweet Christmas, that was a fight.

I shit you not, tears were welling up in my eyes seeing this.  It was like the end of a Mighty Ducks movie.

A big thanks to HOOKGRIP for the photos.  And for taking such great photos of lifters in general.