MOAR Supersquats.

December 22, 2012

Here’s my set for week II.  I decided to take 162 so I could take 172 next week for a PR and maybe take a crack at 400lbs. for my last week.

I also recorded a few of my athlete’s sets.  Check my Youtube channel for all the ones I got on video.  Here’s CC’s set at 90.

And lastly, here’s D-Money’s failed attempt at 120.  I like to give Derek a hard time but he works hard and has made big improvements on his technique and mobility.  He’s got 2 more weeks to make this set at 120.

He eventually DID get up off the ground.  He asked me,

“Why? Why not 15?”

Being a fan of overly simple answers, I told him,

“Because when you do 20 of something, you develop a little more ownership of that weight.”

“Oh . . . Well, I just got OWNED.”




2 Responses to “MOAR Supersquats.”

  1. Willey said

    Damn that’s impressive. And here I was all pumped about surviving 345x5x5 the other day. Goddamn man

  2. I’m super bummed the camera crapped out when I did my 95kg set!!!

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