End of (Supersquat) Days.

January 7, 2013

I wanted redemption.  Earlier that week, I was talking to my buddy Brian about my 172 attempt for 20.  He then put that data into a stupid 1RM caluculator thing and apparently I’m supposed to be able to squat around 270, which would be pretty decent.  I only take my back squat up to a max once or twice a year because frankly I just can’t handle any more than that and I usually would rather use the back squat as a strength developer by utilizing a few more reps rather than a pissing contest.  Nonetheless, I decided right then that I would take up my single up to 240 and if it felt easy, I’d have myself a personal pissing contest. Sure enough it felt EZPZ.  So did THIS PR attempt at 260.  What the hell, lets add another 10kg and get SUPER AGGRO and see what happens.

Overall I’m pretty pumped.  Squatting for volume seems to work well for me as does being a bigger person.  If you can find videos of me over a year or two old, you can see how much bigger I’ve actually gotten.  Now onto that set of 20.

The last time I did supersquats was a little over 4 years ago.  My best ever was 170 for 20 and 180 for 16.  Honestly, if I kept going with this, I don’t think it would be too difficult to hit 180 or even 190.  Typically after 4 weeks or so, you would start over with a slightly heavier work set than the first time.  But as fun as it was, it’s time to bunker down and make some real gainzzz with my lifting.  The sooner I hit the numbers I want, the sooner I can diet down to a normal size and get super jack3d and tan(er).

Check my youtube page this week because I have some video of my athletes hitting their sets that I’m going to post.


I’m lucky to have such a supportive team who will take pictures of me on my death bed.

10 Responses to “End of (Supersquat) Days.”

  1. Spenco said

    Good for another 10kg, easy. Great work Ben.

  2. Paul Newt said

    Love the blog, Ben. Tremendous job on the squats. I assume when you reference “Supersquats” you are referring to Dr Fred Hatfield’s program?

  3. Alex said

    That lift was fast. Hit 272 kg and be a badass 600 lb squat man.

  4. Terrible said

    Seriously strong stuff man!

  5. silentmachinery said

    Hey Ben,

    What do you use to wrap your knees with? Is that tape?

  6. TRMay said

    That 270 looked easy man. Big congrats! Your 20 rep squats remind of this big boy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTqz54LCBrM

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