PWA Championships.

January 17, 2013

This weekend we’ll be competing in a local weightlifting contest.  And when I say we, I mean pretty much everybody on my team plus around five or six others from my gym whom are not coached by me, plus one other that I’m coaching who doesn’t train at my home gym.  Basically we’ll be mobbin’.


I’ll be getting some lifts in as well.  I’m not expecting very much as my wrist is still not 100% and I’ll have my attention divided up into like 16 other people.  Generally it’s not a good idea to lift AND do a full day of coaching as I learned on our trip to Redding.  That was pretty much the worst athletic performance of my entire life (But my team did well).  Still, I’m itching to get lifting again and at this point any practice is good practice.  That being said, as soon as our local weightlifting committee posted out 2013 schedule I marked off meets that were for me and those that were for my team.

In conclusion, I’m super pumped for us.  It should be an exciting weekend as a set of DHS bars is up for grabs. Ooooooooohhhh!

To any coaches out there that may be reading:

Do you even lift Do you still lift (serious question)?  How do you handle balancing your team’s performance with your own? Have you been forced to make changes to either your training program or theirs to accommodate any conflicts of interest?

3 Responses to “PWA Championships.”

  1. angelathegeek said

    Reblogged this on Angela vs. The Barbell and commented:
    This weekend is our local Pacific Weightlifting Association (PWA) Championships. We have a ton of people going from our team and gym. It’s going to be a long, but VERY fun day! I can’t wait to see all the new lifters get on the platform for the first time.
    I remember how scary it was to walk out on the platform for my first lift in my first meet. The butterflies were unreal! I know they will all do great and have fun though!
    I’ll definitely update after the meet.
    See you in Rio!

  2. Wilmar said

    good luck to you and your team at the PWA championships, man.

    my coach (dave miller) is a masters lifter who i believe is trying to prepare for pan ams. i think he just does his training outside of our scheduled training times, and since he trains relatively low frequency (maybe 4 times a week) my guess is that he never has to make any compromises with what he’s doing to accomodate our own program. but i’m sure if you asked him by email, he’d probably get back to you with a more clear answer.

  3. Jack said

    I’ve never had to modify my program/training to accommodate their’s, but it is extremely difficult to lift well when you spend so much energy in coaching your lifters. I get just as excited as they do when they make lifts and I am just as bummed out when they miss. Our past meet, I had three lifters over two days. Not much I know, but there is a lot of standing, walking back and forth between warmup room and judges’ table. My coach was there with me though and it was much easier to just let her manage what I was doing. I just went along for the ride. Good luck at the meet!

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