To Belt, or Not to Belt.

February 25, 2013

Cam finished another highlight reel.  I’d have to say that personally, my favorite part is CC’s double body weight squat for a set of 3.  With no belt.  Pretty dece’ since that beats her previous PR single.  I’m not going to pretend like we have some kind of grand, master plan . . . but according to the master plan, we’re going to keep her un-belted for at least another year or two (if ever).  Young trainees (myself included) add the belt in too soon.  She’s going to get a nice bump with her numbers as she gets a few years underneath her (figurative) belt.  I’m anticipating it will help her jerks the most.  Some athletes will need to introduce the belt sooner than others.  It’s done WONDERS for Derek.  But in her case, we’ve decided to hold out for a while longer.

One Response to “To Belt, or Not to Belt.”

  1. Cliff Dyer said

    I like the part where you don’t even mention that Cecily’s squats were three hundred pounds. No big deal.

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