I’m not going to write much about each song/artist because I’m feeling lazy (about writing that is).  Lifting is currently going well and I’m excited about the next few weeks.  The gang will be competing in two meets coming up, one in Petaluma on 4/20 and one at our gym on 5/4.  I’ll be picking out a few meets for myself this summer as well.  Here are the rest of my song choices for last year.



There’s a dingy little two story dive bar/dance club in Sacramento that I’ll occasionally go to if I need to blow off some steam.  It’s really funny.  Every person there weighs 160lbs or less and wears cardigan sweaters year round.  Then you’ll see me gettin’ it on the dance floor by myself.  One night, this song came on and everyone there went bonkers like it was a Harlem Shake video.


Posed in front of a church portal.  If I were in a doom band, we would be posed in the apse.

Posed in front of a church portal. If I were in a doom band, we would be posed in the apse.

For the doom purist.  Seriously, this shit is SLOW.  However, the record remains fairly accessible; or at least enough to earn them some extra attention outside of the metal-head only blogroll. This is due to the special emphasis put on melody.  No, none of these songs will crush you into oblivion, but they might make a good musical accompaniment to sketching, reading Game of Thrones, or staring into the void that is yourself.

Hot Chip-Flutes.


Danceable. Good lyrics.  Another solid jam from these guys.

Death Grips-I’ve Seen Footage.

I wanna see these guys live.

I hella wanna see these guys live.

SACRAMENTO!! Hey, isn’t that the guy from Hella?


Fog machine FTW.

Fog machine FTW.

I saw these guys like three years ago in the city and I saw MANY guys with curled mustaches in the crowd.

There you go.  I had a list of 20 last year but I just don’t have as much time on my hands to go through all 20 this time.  So far 2013 is looking promising.  I’m also setting aside time for myself so I can go to more shows.  Should be fun!

Here’s some highlights of training that took place post-Arnold Classic.  I was still in Kansas at this point.


I’m home.  I feel like the past two weeks have brought me experiences that I could write about but I’m feeling overloaded so I haven’t been able to think of anything.  So here’s a list.  Well . . . it’s actually only a portion of a list.  Back in January, I put together a playlist of 20 of my favorite tracks of 2012.  I decided that I would only write about 10 of them so it would force me to pick my favorites but instead I give you 5. Because . . . well, I’m busy.  I’m hoping that writing this short list will jump start my writing again.  Part II should be coming soon and if it doesn’t, I’ll just post the playlist in the comments section.  Hope you enjoy.

The Walkmen-The Love You Love.

A handsome bunch.

A handsome bunch.

“You don’t love me, just the kissin’, don’t trust the facts, trust the fiction, I’ll take the fiction, I’ll take the fiction”

I’ve always preferred the Walkmen’s more up-tempo tracks.  Though they’ve always made efforts to separate themselves though their vintage aesthetic, I think that their bread and butter is the fast paced indie-rock anthem.  Lucky for me, their newest album has a few with tracks like Heartbreaker, The Love you Love, and Heaven.  Maybe I bring a bit of my personal baggage into their songwriting, but I can’t help but think that age and experience both play a huge role in their songs.  After all, they’ve been making music together for over a decade now.  They’re not the same people that would’ve been writing love songs 10 years ago.  I’m not the same listener either I guess.  Overall, I liked the album.  You might like it too if you were a fan of Girls-Father, Son, Holy Ghost.

Twin Shadow-Five Seconds.

I mean . . . COME ON.  That's how you do an album cover.

I mean . . . COME ON. That’s how you do an album cover.

Favorite sing-a-long track of 2K12.  This whole album is ridiculous.  It makes me want to put on a pair of parachute pants, cut-off denim vest, cruise over to the Twin Shadow show in the car from Knight Rider and dance like Charlie Brown.  This is an 80’s throwback album and you probably won’t dig it unless you liked other 80’s throwback acts like Chromeo or Holy Ghost.  But seriously, give it a listen.  No one else has to know.  Treat yourself to a little head nod/lip synch festival at your cubical and think back to when times were simpler and cartoons were cooler.

Kendrick Lamar- Backseat Freestyle (EXPLICIT).

I must be getting older because this kid looks like he should be sipping on juiceboxes.

Playfully and recklessly, Kendrick weaves boisterous rhymes on top of a stripped down banger.  He makes ridiculous claims and engages in the typical posturing of an emcee except he delivers in such a way that it seems mandatory that he should perform this song while standing on the hood of an SUV . . . or an airplane.

Matthew Dear-Her Fantasy.

Does Matthew even lift?

Does Matthew even lift?

This song makes me want to put on an expensive shirt and tie, fitted slacks and polished shoes and hit a classy night club with my sport coat draped over my shoulder.  And if I owned any of those things, I would definitely have made that fantasy a reality while bumping this song in my fictitious 1980s era convertible sports car.  But seriously, this song is creepy.  The textured samples, industrial inspired synths and “four-on-the-floor” beat provide the perfect atmosphere for Matthew’s creepy vocals which sound like the evil voice from the Thriller video bought a laptop and decided to make techno-pop music.

Beach House-Myth.



“What comes after this, the consequence, of what you do to me, help me to make it, help me to make it”

My favorite track of 2012 on my favorite album of 2012.  I love the instrumentation on this album.  The repetitive percussion and guitar echoes blend seamlessly with keyboard synthesizers to create a dreamy atmosphere perfect for napping, studying or crying.  LeGrand’s vocals are deep.  She communicates with emotion and sincerity.  They’re coming to the Fillmore in April so hopefully I’ll be able to sneak off to go see them perform.

4 Week Block: March.

March 10, 2013


I’m at the PDX airport right now.  But here is the workout schedule for the next four weeks.

4 week block.

Good luck!

No Post.

March 7, 2013

No post tonight.  Only this.

Arthur Bryant's.

Arthur Bryant’s.

I guarantee it’s better than anything I would write anyways.  Kansas City is cool.


March 4, 2013

Well, CC Em and I just left Columbus.  I’m actually sitting on my buddy’s couch in Kansas.  I’ll be here for a week.  the girls flew home today as well.  We had a good trip.  Em had her first ever “national” meet (the Arnold is technically a local meet but everybody and their mom goes). She did great.  Ended up with a 72 snatch and a 90 clean and jerk.  A pretty good day and learning experience.  CC hit 79 in the snatch, a competition PR but bombed on her clean and jerk.  We opened her at 100 which she caught a little too far back on her heels so she had to ditch it.  The next attempt at 102, she drove out of the bottom like a champ but narrowly missed her jerk.  The attempt actually broke the sole of her shoe almost clear off.  Same story on her third attempt although I’m sure having a broken shoe on her lead foot might’ve played a part in the miss.  Overall, it was a good experience for her too as it will be good practice for a real national meet.  I made my openers at 135 and 170.  A decent meet for me.  My snatches were moving surprisingly well, prompting my to bump up my opener to 135 rather than 130.  My snatches have been off ever since I hurt my wrist before the American Open so 135 is a small success for me.

But enough lifting talk.  I’m in Kansas for a week which provides me the luxury of not having to think about the gym or training for a week.  I get to work out for the pure enjoyment of working out which is a feeling I miss.

Burger eating PR.

Burger eating PR.

Behold, the Thurman Burger.  We watched the Columbus episode of Man VS. Food before we left and I’m proud to say we hit two of the fine establishments featured on the show.  I was pleased with both.  The girls actually finished their burgers as well.  Impressed.

German Village.

German Village.

Here’s us walking to Shmidt’s in German Village, our favorite part of town.  In other news, I also finally sang “Train in Vain” by the Clash at a Karaoke bar on Saturday like I’ve always wanted to except I wasn’t sobbing like how I imagined I would be.  I also took the girls to a Whitecastle because I’m classy.

I have some sweet video of some lifting and our exploits but I’m in Kansas so it will take some time to give the footage to Cameron for a proper video.