March 4, 2013

Well, CC Em and I just left Columbus.  I’m actually sitting on my buddy’s couch in Kansas.  I’ll be here for a week.  the girls flew home today as well.  We had a good trip.  Em had her first ever “national” meet (the Arnold is technically a local meet but everybody and their mom goes). She did great.  Ended up with a 72 snatch and a 90 clean and jerk.  A pretty good day and learning experience.  CC hit 79 in the snatch, a competition PR but bombed on her clean and jerk.  We opened her at 100 which she caught a little too far back on her heels so she had to ditch it.  The next attempt at 102, she drove out of the bottom like a champ but narrowly missed her jerk.  The attempt actually broke the sole of her shoe almost clear off.  Same story on her third attempt although I’m sure having a broken shoe on her lead foot might’ve played a part in the miss.  Overall, it was a good experience for her too as it will be good practice for a real national meet.  I made my openers at 135 and 170.  A decent meet for me.  My snatches were moving surprisingly well, prompting my to bump up my opener to 135 rather than 130.  My snatches have been off ever since I hurt my wrist before the American Open so 135 is a small success for me.

But enough lifting talk.  I’m in Kansas for a week which provides me the luxury of not having to think about the gym or training for a week.  I get to work out for the pure enjoyment of working out which is a feeling I miss.

Burger eating PR.

Burger eating PR.

Behold, the Thurman Burger.  We watched the Columbus episode of Man VS. Food before we left and I’m proud to say we hit two of the fine establishments featured on the show.  I was pleased with both.  The girls actually finished their burgers as well.  Impressed.

German Village.

German Village.

Here’s us walking to Shmidt’s in German Village, our favorite part of town.  In other news, I also finally sang “Train in Vain” by the Clash at a Karaoke bar on Saturday like I’ve always wanted to except I wasn’t sobbing like how I imagined I would be.  I also took the girls to a Whitecastle because I’m classy.

I have some sweet video of some lifting and our exploits but I’m in Kansas so it will take some time to give the footage to Cameron for a proper video.



5 Responses to “Columbus.”

  1. Paul Newt said

    Hello Ben,
    I love your blog. I am a 40ish bodybuilder, who after nearly 30 years of bodybuilding, decided to make a priority switch to weightlifting in October of 2011. I am in love with the Snatch and the Clean&Jerk. A quick question- does Cecily (sp?) have a blog she maintains? I am trying to persuade my wife to get more into the olympic lifts… I think reading a blog about weightlifting from a female’s perspective may exert the right influence on her.
    Thanks for any help you can offer.
    Sincerely Yours,
    Paul Newt

    • bclaridad said

      Hi, Paul!

      Glad you enjoy the blog, especially since you have so much experience in the iron game. Glad you made the switch to Olympic lifting. Perhaps some master’s contests in the future? CC doesn’t have a blog. I’ve had my lifters write for me in the past (Cameron’s posts are the funniest). One of my newer lifters, Angela started a blog which she updates often. I’ll link her page when I can get around to it this week. Best of luck.

  2. Dan said

    Holy fucking burger!

  3. Willey said

    Damn, I saw the picture as I was scrolling and in my mind I was thinking “I’m going to comment and tell him to see if MvF had a show there”…sure enough.

    Have you gone to the SF places? I went there when I was there on my study tour. Incredible.

    Also, pics of broken shoe

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