List: Favorite Tracks of 2K12 Pt. I.

March 14, 2013

I’m home.  I feel like the past two weeks have brought me experiences that I could write about but I’m feeling overloaded so I haven’t been able to think of anything.  So here’s a list.  Well . . . it’s actually only a portion of a list.  Back in January, I put together a playlist of 20 of my favorite tracks of 2012.  I decided that I would only write about 10 of them so it would force me to pick my favorites but instead I give you 5. Because . . . well, I’m busy.  I’m hoping that writing this short list will jump start my writing again.  Part II should be coming soon and if it doesn’t, I’ll just post the playlist in the comments section.  Hope you enjoy.

The Walkmen-The Love You Love.

A handsome bunch.

A handsome bunch.

“You don’t love me, just the kissin’, don’t trust the facts, trust the fiction, I’ll take the fiction, I’ll take the fiction”

I’ve always preferred the Walkmen’s more up-tempo tracks.  Though they’ve always made efforts to separate themselves though their vintage aesthetic, I think that their bread and butter is the fast paced indie-rock anthem.  Lucky for me, their newest album has a few with tracks like Heartbreaker, The Love you Love, and Heaven.  Maybe I bring a bit of my personal baggage into their songwriting, but I can’t help but think that age and experience both play a huge role in their songs.  After all, they’ve been making music together for over a decade now.  They’re not the same people that would’ve been writing love songs 10 years ago.  I’m not the same listener either I guess.  Overall, I liked the album.  You might like it too if you were a fan of Girls-Father, Son, Holy Ghost.

Twin Shadow-Five Seconds.

I mean . . . COME ON.  That's how you do an album cover.

I mean . . . COME ON. That’s how you do an album cover.

Favorite sing-a-long track of 2K12.  This whole album is ridiculous.  It makes me want to put on a pair of parachute pants, cut-off denim vest, cruise over to the Twin Shadow show in the car from Knight Rider and dance like Charlie Brown.  This is an 80’s throwback album and you probably won’t dig it unless you liked other 80’s throwback acts like Chromeo or Holy Ghost.  But seriously, give it a listen.  No one else has to know.  Treat yourself to a little head nod/lip synch festival at your cubical and think back to when times were simpler and cartoons were cooler.

Kendrick Lamar- Backseat Freestyle (EXPLICIT).

I must be getting older because this kid looks like he should be sipping on juiceboxes.

Playfully and recklessly, Kendrick weaves boisterous rhymes on top of a stripped down banger.  He makes ridiculous claims and engages in the typical posturing of an emcee except he delivers in such a way that it seems mandatory that he should perform this song while standing on the hood of an SUV . . . or an airplane.

Matthew Dear-Her Fantasy.

Does Matthew even lift?

Does Matthew even lift?

This song makes me want to put on an expensive shirt and tie, fitted slacks and polished shoes and hit a classy night club with my sport coat draped over my shoulder.  And if I owned any of those things, I would definitely have made that fantasy a reality while bumping this song in my fictitious 1980s era convertible sports car.  But seriously, this song is creepy.  The textured samples, industrial inspired synths and “four-on-the-floor” beat provide the perfect atmosphere for Matthew’s creepy vocals which sound like the evil voice from the Thriller video bought a laptop and decided to make techno-pop music.

Beach House-Myth.



“What comes after this, the consequence, of what you do to me, help me to make it, help me to make it”

My favorite track of 2012 on my favorite album of 2012.  I love the instrumentation on this album.  The repetitive percussion and guitar echoes blend seamlessly with keyboard synthesizers to create a dreamy atmosphere perfect for napping, studying or crying.  LeGrand’s vocals are deep.  She communicates with emotion and sincerity.  They’re coming to the Fillmore in April so hopefully I’ll be able to sneak off to go see them perform.

4 Responses to “List: Favorite Tracks of 2K12 Pt. I.”

  1. Brentkimnumbaone said

    No meshuggah ? I thought u were into metal. All the dudes in the pictures need to eat a sandwich

    • bclaridad said

      My favorite metal album this year is from Pallbearer. It’s pretty doomy but still accessible with a really old-school feel. Other than that I didn’t really pick up a whole lot that was released last year. The most metal thing I did in 2012 was see Black Cobra in SF which was pretty cool.

  2. Joe Salyer said

    I always love the videos of you and your athletes getting reckless, the write ups, and the insight into weightlifting as a sport in general, but i really dig it when you post your top tracks. pretty great in my opinion and it keeps my library fresh.

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