List: Best of 2K12 Pt. II.

March 31, 2013

I’m not going to write much about each song/artist because I’m feeling lazy (about writing that is).  Lifting is currently going well and I’m excited about the next few weeks.  The gang will be competing in two meets coming up, one in Petaluma on 4/20 and one at our gym on 5/4.  I’ll be picking out a few meets for myself this summer as well.  Here are the rest of my song choices for last year.



There’s a dingy little two story dive bar/dance club in Sacramento that I’ll occasionally go to if I need to blow off some steam.  It’s really funny.  Every person there weighs 160lbs or less and wears cardigan sweaters year round.  Then you’ll see me gettin’ it on the dance floor by myself.  One night, this song came on and everyone there went bonkers like it was a Harlem Shake video.


Posed in front of a church portal.  If I were in a doom band, we would be posed in the apse.

Posed in front of a church portal. If I were in a doom band, we would be posed in the apse.

For the doom purist.  Seriously, this shit is SLOW.  However, the record remains fairly accessible; or at least enough to earn them some extra attention outside of the metal-head only blogroll. This is due to the special emphasis put on melody.  No, none of these songs will crush you into oblivion, but they might make a good musical accompaniment to sketching, reading Game of Thrones, or staring into the void that is yourself.

Hot Chip-Flutes.


Danceable. Good lyrics.  Another solid jam from these guys.

Death Grips-I’ve Seen Footage.

I wanna see these guys live.

I hella wanna see these guys live.

SACRAMENTO!! Hey, isn’t that the guy from Hella?


Fog machine FTW.

Fog machine FTW.

I saw these guys like three years ago in the city and I saw MANY guys with curled mustaches in the crowd.

There you go.  I had a list of 20 last year but I just don’t have as much time on my hands to go through all 20 this time.  So far 2013 is looking promising.  I’m also setting aside time for myself so I can go to more shows.  Should be fun!

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