Epic Sesh.

April 29, 2013

Here’s the video from last Friday.  This is basically like a scene from Lord of the Rings where a group of elves, dwarves and humans band together to wreck PR’s in an epic battle.  I get to be Gandalf.  

Everyone from the Cal Strength crew is super chill.  Hopefully we can set something up where we can all train together once every couple months or so.

Huge Sesh, Brah.

April 27, 2013

The ENTIRE California Strength crew as well as our usual Sac State visitors joined us last night for heavy Friday. It was a proud moment for me. To see the platforms filled to the brim with not only my team but two other ones was just unreal. To put it plainly, it was a huge sesh, brah. I didn’t have the greatest day of lifting but the general mood of the gym was electric. Thanks for visiting, guys.

Video incoming. Because if it’s not posted on tha youtubez, it never happened.

Here’s the video of our competition this weekend courtesy of our club president, Cameron Poya.  I let the gang open up a little bit heavier since it’s been a while since some of them have competed and I wanted to push all of their totals.  We trained though this one and will be getting a proper taper going into our meet on the fourth.  CC had some badass attempts at 82/104 but had a little elbow wobble on the snatch and missed the jerk behind her.  Em has been hitting the front squats pretty hard and it showed on her cleans.  Both Rae and Angela improved their overall total and Cam hit a sweet 147 clean and jerk.  Overall, I’m really proud of how far my team has come.  And we’re still growing!!

If you can’t lift in the Adidas (yes, I’m talking about the expensive ones), then you can’t participate in the sport of Olympic weightlifting.  Get the Nikes if you think they look cooler.  I have both.  Buy a cheaper shoe if you don’t want to spend the money.  If you have an odd shaped foot, then talk to your friends who have odd shaped feet and see what they buy.



April 21, 2013



April 19, 2013

Here’s what I’ve worked on so far for my new friend (I haven’t named her yet). As I suspected, the paper isn’t working out all that well after repeated washes. I’ll probably do a few more and then add some black marker to the background.

Also, the gang and I are off to beautiful Petaluma this weekend for a contest. I’ve got 4 girls and 1 guy competing. Should be a good time!

New Art Project.

April 18, 2013

I’ve rededicated myself to being selfish with my time. This has helped me out quite a bit with my lifting lately and has also helped me to start trying artsy stuff again. Here’s a project I started today.

Bored with my usual scribbles, I took a little more time with the lines on this one and left most of the details blank. I plan on doing layer after layer of ink wash on her, adding a drop of ink each time, until I end up with black ink again. She’s drawn on normal paper so hopefully it holds up. We’ll see what she looks like in a few days.

ArtWOD: if ink wash/watercolor is your thing, start a piece with close to no color and systematically add color after each layer dries.


April 15, 2013



April 14, 2013


Sick Bottom Position.

April 11, 2013

Bottom position.

Bottom position.

I sketched this up the other day for my friend.  Coincidentally, our club president, Cam, asked me if I could complete a sketch for the T-shirts that will be for our meet being held on 5/4.  Boom.  Here, you go, Mr. President.  I also had another thought.  Does anybody think this sketch is cool enough for the next alongthelinesof shirt?