4 Week Block: April-March.

April 8, 2013


Here is the training block for the next 4 weeks.

4 week block.

This week will be used as a de-load week.  The goal is to get as close to 100% as we can by the beginning of next week, which will be the beginning of a two week intensity phase where we will be shifting our focus back to the competition lifts and away from accessory movements and squatting.  You will notice that we will be working with less percentage based workouts starting next week and transitioning into more of a “daily max” sort of routine.  I refuse to say the word, “Bulgarian” because it’s nothing like an actual Bulgarian routine.  A quick word on my use of the word, “daily max.”  I am now differentiating between this and a “max,”  the main difference being that daily max means the best lift that can be achieved on a given day with solid technique, taking into account all the work that his been put in so far that week and that particular day.  DO NOT run yourselves into the ground with repeated misses, chasing beautiful white unicorns that are actually figments of your imagination.  My role in observing your workouts will increase slightly as a stopping point is relatively subjective for this sort of routine.  At other times, I wrote in little rules to force you to stop after a certain number of misses.  Take into account that our main goal is to have a good showing at our home meet on 5/4, to do that we need to be healthy and fully functional.  You will also see that I used the word, “GPP” (general physical preparedness).  This is one of those internet words that people like to throw around.  Please make an effort to include some sort of general strengthening or (light) conditioning when specified.  I’ll generally throw in bodybuilding exercises like strict rows, bench press, press, grip strengthening, muscle-ups, etc.  Keep in mind that this should not be intense enough to take away from your workout the following day.

For those doing double days, your morning routine will be as follows:  Take up the full competition lifts or power variations to sub-maximal singles or doubles.  Go no higher than 85%.  This will ensure that you will be firing on all cylinders for the afternoon/evening session.  Rest during the mid day will be a priority.  Try to have at least an hour of downtime before coming in for the 2nd session.

For anyone reading who’s not coached by me:

DO NOT FOLLOW THIS ROUTINE OR ANY “RANDO” ROUTINE THAT SOME DUDE POSTS ON THE INTERNET.  Make up your own.  Trust me, it’s better that way.  As long as you’re primarily snatching and clean and jerking, you’ll be fine.  There are many good reasons for this that I’m not going to get into, but mostly because you don’t pay me.  I post this on here for anyone that trains alone to spark some ideas for their own training program and for entertainment value.

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