A Few Hours.

May 31, 2013

Here’s something that I actually put a pretty big chunk of time into last night and this morning. I was tempted to try adding in an inkwash background, but I think I’ll just leave her as is. Haven’t decided on a name yet. If I had technology, I’d even think about adding color.

20130531-153352.jpgI used technical pens, ink and brush.


May 28, 2013

Nice lats.


May 27, 2013

I’ve been looking at a lot of Frazetta lately. I’m tempted to try my hand at oil paints even though I know jack shit about using oil. Lucky for me, I’ve made a LOT of artsy friends over the years.


CC went to MDUSA recently to push her total going into Nationals.

We also went to a meet this last weekend in the city.  Rae qualified for nationals, making for a total of 4 people on my team who’ve qualified.  I’ll be getting my chubby self back on the platform this weekend.  Should be fun!

King of the Hill.

May 22, 2013

An explanation of the team snatch workout for the day:

This barbarian just won the title of “King of the Hill.”

1) You are to take 10 snatch attempts between 75-90%, the goal being to make as many attempts at 90% as possible.

2) Your attempts start at 75%.  So realistically, the max number of attempts one could possibly make at 90% is around 7 unless you decide to take what I refer to as a “Derek Su jump.”  Just kidding, Derek.

3)  Each time you miss, you get penalized by having to strip your bar down to 75% and start over.

4)  The lifter who makes the most attempts at 90% is the “Alpha” and should receive some sort of reward as determined by the coach.   Could be booze.  Could be protein powder.  In our case, maybe I’ll let the lifter decide on a special rule or theme for a Friday workout.


Not that Mark needs my help with these videos getting hits, but this happened at my gym on Sunday.

And this.

Dan Green is one of the baddest raw powerlifters on the planet.  With a physique cut out of a Frank Frazzeta illustration, Dan looks like he should be holding a battle ax in his mitts rather than a barbell.  Watching this dude work is awesome.  I’m sure he doesn’t remember me, but I remember seeing him power clean the dickens out of 160+ at a few local weightlifting meets some time back.  Oh, and that WR bench press by Spoto? What the hell, man.  Do you know what I can do with 722lbs?  Stare at it and maybe roll the bar back and forth until I get bored.  All the guys from ST performed well too.  Mark showcased his skill with some raw bench presses and suited deadlifts.  I’m pretty sure some of the other guys got some PR’s too.  Basically, my gym is awesome.  Cool stuff happens here on a regular basis.

Any excuse for a Frazetta illustration. Here's Dan getting psyched up for his 3rd attempt deadlift.

Any excuse for a Frazetta illustration. Here’s Dan getting psyched up for his 3rd attempt deadlift.

Worth Repeating.

May 19, 2013

Don’t fall for that crap that people are peddling on the message boards, in magazines or on TV. Get your shit in order, and get your training in order. Start kicking ass, and take out the crap that doesn’t matter. Start doing and believing in the stuff that works, and do it today and forever. You want science and studies? Fuck you, I’ve got scars and blood and vomit.
This is a call to arms for some of you. It is for me too. Stop all the things that make you a pussy and steal your energy. Get your life back.
-Jim Wendler

1) take lifts to 90%.

2) Make 3 consecutive singles in a row.

3) Two in a row is “HEATING UP.”

4) Three in a row is “ON FIRE.”

5) You now get to “shoot ’till you miss” at 90+%.  I recommend no more than 5 attempts beyond this point.

6) If you make a PR, “BOOMSHAKALAKA!”


NorCal Highlights.

May 6, 2013

Check it.  Cameron finished with the video footage from our meet this weekend.  Mind you, that I coached SEVEN MORE lifters other than the ones on this video, most of which competed in one women’s session.  Derek stepped up and helped me manage the warm-ups and Cameron went 6 for 6 despite having the responsibilities of hosting and running the meet with my boss, Tara.  It was a great meet.  Thank you to Hassle Free for making it all happen.  Thank you to everyone from the PWA that attended, thank you to Tara for supporting our team and thank you to all the folks at Midtown for being legit.

And here’s the Prez liftin’ like a boss.

New 4 week block is 90% complete.  Just looking it over a few more times before I post it.

Super Stream.

May 4, 2013

Meet will be live streamed HERE thanks to our friends at Team Supertraining.