King of the Hill.

May 22, 2013

An explanation of the team snatch workout for the day:

This barbarian just won the title of “King of the Hill.”

1) You are to take 10 snatch attempts between 75-90%, the goal being to make as many attempts at 90% as possible.

2) Your attempts start at 75%.  So realistically, the max number of attempts one could possibly make at 90% is around 7 unless you decide to take what I refer to as a “Derek Su jump.”  Just kidding, Derek.

3)  Each time you miss, you get penalized by having to strip your bar down to 75% and start over.

4)  The lifter who makes the most attempts at 90% is the “Alpha” and should receive some sort of reward as determined by the coach.   Could be booze.  Could be protein powder.  In our case, maybe I’ll let the lifter decide on a special rule or theme for a Friday workout.


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