The BK Adventure.

June 10, 2013

Last weekend, me and my BFFF, Kevin, went on an adventure into the Desolation Wilderness.

My favorite part is when it cuts to Kevin dancing off in the distance.

While probably not all that great for lifting, backpacking is an excellent way to get outdoors, build general fitness and clear your head.  It was supposed to be 109 degrees in Sacramento on Saturday so my BFFF and I decided to peace out and go hiking in Tahoe.  We started at Echo lake and made it to the far end of Lake Aloha.  Our destination was supposed to be Grass Lake but this seemed as good a spot as any, especially after a long day of hiking.  I’d write a review of the trail but I’m sure you could just look it up online.  My one recommendation would be to wear proper hiking boots as some of the trail is steep and rocky.  We encountered some snow (which was awesome) but I’m sure that will melt off within a few weeks.  I bought a Katadyn Pro water filter off Amazon and it seemed to work just fine.  Also, we both wore some sweet jorts.

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