Copic Technical Pens.

June 11, 2013

Here’s my collection of Copic technical pens.

20130611-153933.jpgI never had much luck with technical pens in the past, mostly because they’re expensive, they break easily and they run out of ink quickly. Then I went through a phase where I was all like, “I’m going to use pen and ink only, bro. Because that’s what the REAL artists use.” Misplaced pride and ignorance. The same reason I refused to work out my upper body for so long. Then I went through a long phase where I would only use sharpies because they were quick, easy and I was totally over attempting to put any fine features in a drawing. Older and rustier, I want to try and hone my drawing skills to make stuff that looks presentable. These pens work great for that. At around 9 bucks a pen, it seems like a pretty big investment at first. But all the tips and cartridges are replaceable. I use 3 sizes: the brush tip, the .5 and the .1. Any more than that seems kind of superfluous to me, at least for my purposes. Check these pens out if that’s what you’re into or you’re looking for something new.

2 Responses to “Copic Technical Pens.”

  1. angelathegeek said

    *swoon* I’d love to draw with those!

  2. Really, everyone would love to draw with these pens..

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