Why be Normal?

June 27, 2013

Here’s a response for Wickets, whom asked if I would post a video of a properly executed snatch.  This video pops up all over the place and for good reason.  I recommend purchasing the Bulgarian training hall video from Ironmind to watch this guy kill some big numbers in training as well as one of my all time favorite lifters, Zlatan Vanev, fight for some huge clean and jerks.  Don’t be cheap.  Buy it.



One Response to “Why be Normal?”

  1. The Tickler said

    I’m one of those ignoramuses that feels like US lifters don’t compete as well partly because they are not as strong as lifters from other countries in the same weight class. Maybe they can’t squat or deadlift as much. But then you see a clip like this and realize that it’s damn near near impossible to be any more efficient in a lift. He must have been practicing that movement pattern since he first learned to walk.

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