July 6, 2013

If you greet me this way, I will instantly know how to respond.  It’s been ingrained in my psyche since I was twelve.

3 Responses to “Dillon!”

  1. Penn said

    (1) Maybe draw us a lady barbarian?

    (2) You said in your post about how N3WB lifters should do regular ass shit first that they (me) should hold off on block work but lifts from the hang should be in their regimen. Just curious about your thoughts about why hang lifts are more fundamental than block lifts – other than the fact that a dude who sets up blocks to lift 80kg kinda looks like a poser.

    • bclaridad said

      1) funny you should mention this, I’ve been working on some super heroine/lady barbarian type figures. Women+swords=win.

      2) did I go off about working off the blocks? Usually I just talk about jerk blocks. I HATE when beginners use jerk blocks for a variety of reasons. Pulling blocks, not so much. Snatching from blocks is great, even for the beginner, because it makes the movement simpler as you are already lined up correctly with the barbell at the upper shin or knee. My question would be why would you want to make the movement easier, especially with relatively light weights. I didn’t know anything about blocks for the first year or two that I had started lifting.

      If you’ve got a beginning lifter who begins working out 5 or 6 days a week (with the snatch and clean and jerk) then that’s one thing. It opens up room for variation and blocks would be high up in the list. But if you’ve got a beginner or functional fitness guy who practices 3 days a week or less, he should be doing only the full, comp lifts, paused lifts or working from the hang. Just my opinion.

      A word on pulling from the blocks. It makes me cringe when I see the beginner pulling from the blocks way above the knee, almost already to the hip. He’s got like 70 kilos on the bar but has decided that he wants to work on the very last portion of the pull. I literally once witnessed a guy pulling from blocks ABOVE the hip. I asked what the hell he was doing and tried to persuade him to do something else but he wouldn’t have it. Gotta work on that quadruple extension bro.

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