Friendship Power.

July 15, 2013

Here’s the video from Friday.  Our Cal-Strength homies came to visit and throw our weights around.  One of my newer guys had a blast, saying that he couldn’t go to sleep that night because he was still so excited from lifting that day.  I had a pretty good day.  I snatched 140, officially breaking the dry spell and took a few honest attempts at a 182 clean.  Emelie broke the 100kg barrier and Cecily cleaned 106.

2 Responses to “Friendship Power.”

  1. Ryan said

    Ben…somewhat of a lurker, found you from 70s Big. Question for you. What does your team do to prevent injuries? Seems like you guys aren’t seeing too many injuries.
    Do you go through a set of dynamic stretching, normal stretching, or just warmup weights?
    Or is it that most of your lifters aren’t sitting on their ass all day at a computer, so they generally are more adapted to the weights? Seems like every time I start to get my numbers up (usually squats) I end up pulling something (typically vastus medialis).


    • bclaridad said

      Whats up Ryan,

      Most of the injuries my team sustains are small, nagging things like wrists, knees, backs, things like that. Late last year, my back put me out for I want to say around 3 months. For those that train twice a day, I tell them to thoroughly stretch and roll out before and after the first workout, that way you can roll into the 2nd workout hot out the gates. Most of my other lifters have full time jobs, families, etc and they usually stretch for 20 mins to a half hour before they practice. Voodoo flossing is useful. So is ice cupping. One of my lifters just sought out a private PT clinic for his prior shoulder injuries which have been limiting him somewhat. Injuries do happen. No one gets off scott free and suffice it to say, accidents, while rare in weightlifting, can be serious.

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