Snatch Technique Clinic.

July 18, 2013

August 11th.  Mark your Calendars.  I’ll be hosting an Olympic weightlifting clinic focusing on the snatch at my home gym, Midtown Strength and Conditioning.

Here’s a little clip of a technique clinic I did at Crossfit Davis a couple years back. 

Some of the topics that I’ll be covering will include my take on helpful coaching cues and drills that ensure proper technique, sifting through all the bullshit that you will see on the internet and my opinions on what is useful for weightlifting training and what isn’t, program design for the weightlifter and differences between training the lifts for a weightlifter VS. the functional fitness athlete.

As far as the technical portion of the clinic, it will be lecture/practical format.  I’ll have an assistant who will provide demonstrations after which you will break up into small groups and critique each other as you perform the movements.  I have a very simple, yet effective snatch progression, most of which you’ve probably seen online somewhere.  I’ve learned most of what I know about coaching through Paul Doherty and Glenn Pendlay and have taken concepts from both men and implemented in how I coach the lifts.  You will then work up to a single on a snatch before we break and then talk about accessory exercises and other fun stuff.  afterwards, we’ll have some BBQ and beer.

It’s 50 bucks, lasts from 10 till about noon and should be a lot of fun.  Hope to see you there.  E-mail to RSVP.

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