August 26, 2013

I’m well aware that a large percentage of my readers come from the 70’s big community.  But I think that it’s appropriate to echo this lesson from Justin because I think it’s an important one (for any of my readers that aren’t also readers of 70’s big).

HERE is a great read from Justin in which he discusses the importance of consistency VS. sexiness.  He was referring to post workout nutrition but these principles can be applied to anything.

For example:

BCAA’s are sexy.

But how important are they for the average client looking to improve body composition through a strength and conditioning program?

Is it more important for the trainee to get 8 hours of sleep every night, eat a nutrient rich, balanced diet, and learn time tested training principles? Or is it more important to spend $50+ a month on intra-workout aminos?

I myself choose a product called, “Surge Workout Fuel” when I know my workouts will last over an hour.  However, I’m also a person that trains an average of 9 times per week over the course of a year, consistently eats enough to support my athletic habits and is willing to hurt a few feelings to make sure I get enough time to myself to recover.

Just sayin’.

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