Thank you.

September 30, 2013

We had our second annual fundraiser last Saturday so that we will be able to travel to National meets.  It was a success.

What a handsome bunch . . . especially that dude on the far left.

What a handsome bunch . . . especially that dude on the far left.

A few years ago, I chose Midtown as my home to build a weightlifting team.  Everything about the gym was perfect and “Midtown” was the perfect banner to fly under.  There’s many reasons I love this place, but I’d say that number one is the supportive community environment.  Weightlifting is just one facet of our gym.  We’ve got everything from powerlifting, to functional fitness, to unicorns.  Yes, unicorns.  But the entire community comes together to support each other, no matter the fitness endeavor.

I’d like to thank my bosses, Camilo and Tara, for giving me the freedom needed to let the team grow.  Thank you to all the members for supporting the team, thank you to everyone that came and/or donated on Saturday and thank YOU for reading this blog and staying up to date with what the team and I are up to.   

To progress!

Caffeine and Kilos.

September 17, 2013

I competed at the Caffeine and Kilos Invitational this weekend.  It was a classy, top notch event put together by three of my friends and their families.  I’d say at least a thousand people showed up and a couple hundred stayed to watch the weightlifting meet with a fully functional live stream for online viewers.  Some of the best lifters in the country showed up to compete for cash prizes.  Yup, actual cash prizes.  Winning first place meant you were two grand richer, which was unheard of just a few years ago in the American weightlifting scene.  This raises a few questions for me personally.  I’m a nice guy and I don’t pretend to know anything about my sport that I haven’t experienced myself, but if three dudes can successfully throw together a HUGE event that gives our sport the attention it deserves, then why was National Championships thrown together in a rollerblading rink with like 50 spectators watching.

Don’t get mad.  I’m just sayin.’

I basically had the meet of my life.  I went 6 for 6, snatched 142 and clean and jerked 177 which was a meet PR.  This crushed my previous best meet total which is now 319.  Personally, I really needed this meet.  I’ve been doing this for like 8 years, so it’s easy to forget why I still participate instead of just coach.  Weightlifting is all fun and games when the gains keep on coming but people don’t understand that’s not reality.  Weightlifting is a skill set and an adaptation that takes place over a period of years.  If you feel like quitting just because you go a few months without measurable progress, then you don’t respect the sport and are not mentally prepared enough to participate.

Hey, I’m just sayin.’


September 13, 2013

Marcus and I have been pressing every Thursday after he’s done bench pressing with the Team ST guys.  We’ll take it up to a single, followed by 2 sets of volume.

Video Frenzy.

September 5, 2013

I know this is a bit late because I posted it to Youtube a few days ago, but here is the highlight reel from last Friday.

And I gotta say, it’s pretty badass.  Thanks to hector and his camera, we’ve got some high-def footage.  I’ll probably alternate between these more artistic “music video” style ones and videos where I’ll do some commentary.  This night was pretty notable in that it’s the first one where I won’t be lifting alongside the team.  Instead I’ll take my lifts up to maximums on Saturday mornings.  Also, Rae got some pretty big cleans.  Previous PR was 93.  She made 94. Then 95.  Then took a few attempts at 96.  My brother snatched 100 for the first time.

You will also notice a huge dude that kind of looks like me but not really.  That’s strongman Marcus.  He competes in strongman . . . and powerlifting . . . and weightlifting.  To me, this is the true hallmark of a strongman; a jack of all trades badass.  The same week he back squatted 645lbs with the Team ST guys, he also almost hang snatched 120 for a set of 3 . . . WITH NO HOOK GRIP.  He ended up getting a 10kg PR of a 135 snatch on Friday and worked up on power clean and jerks to a fairly easy 150.  He’s coming back from a major wrist injury, so full cleans are out of the question.  But honestly, I think this guy could power clean 165-170 with a little practice.  I know, it makes me mad too.  But just imagine how I feel.  I thought I was the biggest half-filipino on the face of the earth.