Another PR plus some silliness.

October 7, 2013

I made a PR double today.  Jason and I got a little bit competitive and it paid off for both of us.  He made 115 for a double.  I made 135 (PR) and then went for 140.  I made the first rep easy but my back immediately didn’t feel all that great so I backed off.  Hey, I got the PR and lived to lift another day so I’m stoked.

Speaking of competitive, I’ve been feeling SUPER competitive lately which has been working real well.  It’s given me a new passion for training which has resulted in progress.  More progress to come, I guarantee it.

And now for some fun.

I decided to treat myself to a fun little hike this weekend.  I hardly ever get out and whenever I get any decent amount of time to myself, I like to spend it by myself.  The hike itself was pretty easy.  It took me forever because I was basically “cupcaking” my way down the trail.  And honestly, I enjoyed taking my sweet ass time and taking in the scenery.  For you people who are in good shape, you would probably laugh at the ease of the hike.  I’d rate it as a 3/10 for a big guy like me, but literally a toddler could complete it.

Metalheads, enjoy the tunes.  Everyone else, deal with it.

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