October 21, 2013

Here’s a little footage from recent heavy Friday’s.  Jason had a huge couple weeks leading up to this and it paid off with a 122kg snatch PR and the 125kg snatch PR.

He competed yesterday, making the qualifying total for the American Open.  Congrats, Jason!  In other news, my master’s athlete, Lia broke her own PWA record for the snatch in her age group yesterday.  Congrats, Lia!

3 Responses to “Sept-Oct.”

  1. Ryan said

    Ben, is there any consensus on weightlifting shoes with the people you lift with? I’m looking to get my first pair. Obviously the AdiPower seems like a top choice, but I’m looking to drop that kind of money on my first pair. Thanks, Ryan.

    • bclaridad said

      What’s up, Ryan. Sorry for the late response. A lot of my newer lifters have used the 90$ adidas with mixed feedback. To be honest with you, if you get one nice pair, you’ll be good for at least a year, sometimes the cheaper ones don’t hold up as well. My first pair of WL shoes was a hand-me-down pair of wood sole adidas that were a size too big. Picked them up for 60 bucks.

  2. Ryan said

    Edit: I’m NOT looking to drop that kind of money.

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