Week 6.

November 13, 2013

Here’s my new video production.  In it, I showcase my two lifters, Jason and Emelie as they finish up the last week of a grueling 12 weeks of front squats.  Front squats are probably one of the most taxing thing on a weightlifter’s schedule and I think we can all identify with the pain and frustration that often comes along after many, many weeks of front squats.

Accompanied by a wonderful cover of a Radiohead classic, idioteque.

2 Responses to “Week 6.”

  1. Jeremy Gordon said

    Great video. I always think your music choices are excellent. Such a pleasing shift from the standard ‘Let the bodies hit the floor’ etc stuff that normally accompanies lifting videos. Congrats on you and your lifters recent PRs

    • bclaridad said

      Thanks, Jeremy! I appreciate it. I agree. I like all sorts of music, including different types of metal but one can only listen to “let the bodies hit the floor” before I want my body to hit the floor.

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