Secret Training Footage.

December 11, 2013

Well, I guess I can show you guys this now.

ONEEIGHTYFUCKINGFIVE.  Yeah, I’m sure you could tell I was just a little bit excited.  I chose to keep it off the youtubez until after the American Open.  The plan was to go in there and surprise a few people.  Not that any super heavyweights are losing sleep over what Ben from California is doing.  It was still a motivating thought.

3 Responses to “Secret Training Footage.”

  1. Eric B. said

    Fuck yea, bro. Awesome! Every time I look on here it’s a new c&j p.r. Keep ’em comin’! Fan request: 190 by Easter?

  2. Curt said

    “hey, have u ever seen….shit where’s that kid at???” Haha awesome job Ben!!! Shit looked easy.

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