List: Top 20 Tracks of 2013 (11-20).

January 1, 2014

The following is the 2nd half of my top 20 favorite tracks from 2013.  I organized my list based off of how many times I’ve listened to the track, personal significance and how much I’d actually have to say about it.  Take note that this list does not necessarily reflect my favorite albums of 2013.  I’m not a guy who will talk music at parties, but I do enjoy music and live performances.  I actually didn’t really do a good job of keeping up with new stuff that’s coming out last year, so if you ever hear anything that you’d think I’d like then feel free to post in the comments section.


11) Mazzy Star-California.

One of my favorite records last year was Beach House-Bloom.  I’m really into the female vocal, dream pop sound.  In a lot of ways, groups like Beach House owe a lot to Mazzy Star for exploring the sound back in the 90s.  A great track.  I haven’t picked up the whole album yet but plan to.

12)  The Knife-Full of Fire.

Apparently The Knife are athletes as well.

I really haven’t heard a whole lot out of this group except for another great track, “Heartbeats,” which is actually a Jose Gonzalez cover.  But I love the production on this one, kind of like in that LCD Soundsystem-“Losing my Edge” sort of way.

13) A$AP Rocky-Wild for the Night. 

This is one of those songs that I like only because it’s played in the gym on repeat all the time.  One thing I don’t like about A$AP is his consistent use of the “UUUHH” deep voice effect.  I mean what’s up with that?  Did he just decide that he really liked the “UUUH” voice and is going to stick with it forever?  In any case, I really like the production it is a pretty catchy tune.

14) Queens of the Stone Age-My God is the Sun.

Overall, I really dug the new album . . . and apparently so did a bunch of other people.  This is one othe more uptempo tracks, setting it apart from the overall gloomy atmosphere.

15) Deerhunter-Back to the Middle.

Bradford Cox, frontman for Deerhunter, is a really an interesting dude.  I first heard this group in 2011 because their hit single “Helicopter” was on constant repeat in the coffee shops I hung out that.  The new album is a departure from dreamy indie pop to a more garage rock sound.  I dig it.

16) Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds-We No Who U R.

This track should really be higher up the list but it reminds me of the bad times from this year.  All the same, it’s great to have a song that you can indulge in negative feelings with.  Minimal production puts the vocals upfront and I gotta say, it hits me right here, bro.

17) Drake-Started from the Bottom.  (had to link the Assassin’s Creed vid again).

Back in his Degrassi Days. People don’t forget, Drake.

My guilty pleasure of 2K13.  Again, it’s one of those tracks that I only like because I hear it in the gym so often.  It’s not because I have a problem with listening to a hip-hop track from a former Canadian teen-drama actor.  It honestly has most of the characteristics that I dislike in a radio hip-hop track.  But what can I say?  You hear it enough times and it sticks.  “Started from the bottom now we . . . god dammit.”

18)  Subrosa-Affliction.

Subrosa is one of those bands that will be put in a particular box because of the female vocals and the use of violin.  Makes no difference to me.  I  got really into doom and stoner metal in 2011 and have since realized why it’s a dying sub genre; because it’s REALLY hard to make an original sound when you stick to the traditional doom song structure.  Your only choices for the contemporary doom band are to do the traditional sound BETTER than other bands or to take the sound and give it a little “zazz.”  This band has “zazz.”

19)  Danny Brown-Kush Coma.

I don’t know anything about Danny Brown and I haven’t heard anything else by him but my guess is that he enjoys a fair amount of illicit drugs.

The National-Don’t Swallow the Cap

2 Responses to “List: Top 20 Tracks of 2013 (11-20).”

  1. Hi Ben – since you like The National, check out Milagres. They’re from Brooklyn, latest album Glowing Mouth is their best. Like all your choices!

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