President’s Day Open.

February 17, 2014

I usually lift pretty dece’ on my birthdays.  Yesterday was no exception.  As a matter of fact, all of my athletes did a bang up job.

My boss, Camilo, also lifted, hitting 100 and 130.

I made myself a special little montage because I’m stoked off of how well training has been going lately.  Honestly, cleaning 190 off the blocks the other day was a huge wake up call for me.  I’m definitely going to be pushing hard going into Nationals.

My best meet total before this weekend was 319.  Now 332.

My best competition snatch before this was 145.  Now 150.

My best competition clean and jerk before this was 177.  Now 182.  BUT I CLEANED 187!!

2 Responses to “President’s Day Open.”

  1. Mike powers said

    Heartbreaking 3rd attempt! I love that Ghost album. What do you think about using music as a psych up? Do you think there’s any truth to that myth about depleting the central nervous system with too many “excited” lifts?

    • bclaridad said

      For sure, I try not to get psyched up for every attempt. You’ve only got so much gas in the tank, so I usually try to play it as cool as I can even around 90%. I would never RECOMMEND that anyone use music or an outside source as part of their routine simply because it makes your routine less practical. Also, I’ve experienced adrenaline dumps after snatch sessions leading into clean and jerks. So I’m always mindful to be economical. This has been less of an issue for me lately and I think it’s simply because I’m in better shape.

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