Ben’s Quick Tip #4: Sketch and Jerk.

February 28, 2014

I picked up a couple of new lifters recently.  One of them was warming up for clean and jerks last night before I quickly pulled him aside and drew him a quick sketch.

Right=bad.  Left=good.

Right=bad. Left=good.

This represented an exaggerated sketch of what he was doing vs. what I was looking for.  I explained to him my criteria while watching a successfully performed jerk ending the brief lesson with, “I want more stuff stacked on top of stuff.”  Eloquent, I know.  This is true for everybody but especially important for people with lanky body types.  The dude is 6 foot, 75kg. soaking wet in a Dragonball Z gravity chamber so mastering correct posture and footwork is “CROOCHE” (crucial).  For more “rotund” bodies this may not be as big of a deal (but still correct).

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