Funny Story: Pumped up A&P.

February 3, 2014

So get this.  Brent walks into the gym a couple weeks ago and he’s like, “Dude, some natural bodybuilders had a pose down in my anatomy class today.”  I was like, “that’s cool.”  But really I was thinking, “man, I’m super jealous.  My anatomy and physiology professors didn’t do anything cool like that back when I was taking those classes.”  Then a week later, Alberto from 3DMJ uploads a video of the incident.  Small world, huh?

Small world.  Big lats.

A word of advice to the younger crowd just starting their major in kinesiology, exercise science, public health or related fields: do a REALLY good job in in both anatomy and physiology as it will give you a great base for the rest of your coursework.  Also, it will allow you to see through the bullshit of psuedo-science guy either lurking on the internet or a trainer in the gym who just finished reading a few “articles” on the internet and now apparently has a doctorate in PT.