Ben’s Quick Tip #5: So you’re doing your first meet.

March 3, 2014

Congratulations, sucker!  Now you’re gonna be hooked for life!  WE GOT YOU.  But seriously, thank you for playing our sport.  As someone that’s officially been playing since November of 2005, I mean that from the bottom of my rusted iron heart.  Hopefully by now, you’ve found yourself a reputable weightlifting coach, so this post will be completely unnecessary.  But for those of you out there that are more or less doing this stuff on your own or with others who don’t have a lot of meet experience, here’s a little advice:

1)  Your main objective is to make lifts and to look good while doing it.  I don’t care if your best snatch in the gym is 80kg and you really want to go for that 85 or 90 that you’ve tried time and time again to hit.  Don’t do it.  Don’t.  Do. It.  Go for a PR on your 3rd attempt by no more than 2-3kg, taking reasonable attempts to get there.  And if you miss one of your attempts, don’t go up anyway.  Make lifts.  Why?  Your family, friends and your local weightlifting community are there to watch you lift.  Chances are that most of them will have no frame of reference of what or how much you’re actually lifting, nor will they care.  No one will remember if you made 82 or 87kg.  They’ll just remember how you looked when you lifted it.  So look good.

2)  Find someone to count your attempts.  If you don’t know what that is then ask your coach.  If your coach doesn’t know what that is then chances are your weightlifting coach is not an actual weightlifting coach but rather someone who just likes to lift weights.  This is one of the PRIMARY functions of an actual weightlifting coach.  I don’t care if you can throw a baseball 100mph, it doesn’t make you a pitcher if you don’t know how to play the game.  The same is true for weightlifting so learn and understand the rules of play (or at least pay someone who does).

3)  Have fun.  Chances are if you follow steps one and two, you’ll have a good time.  Even if you don’t or have a bad meet, you’ll still probably have a good time.  Either way, I’d like to welcome you to the club.

Here’s me at my first WL meet.  I had found a coach at that time and went 77/106.  And I’m still playing and enjoying the game today.

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