Setting Goals.

March 5, 2014

I recently attended a goal setting seminar with a few friends the other day.  We discussed a few short and long term goals, made adjustments if they weren’t specific enough and then began with strategies on how to accomplish them.  Here’s a short list of goals I made in January.

1/3 of the way there.

1/3 of the way there.

After last weekend, I added to my list for the year, widening my horizon to both professional and personal goals.  I was instructed to keep a few people in the loop with my goal progress, so I’ve decided to use you folks.


1) Create 5 more national caliber athletes this year.  They might not be ready in time for nationals, but I’ve got a solid group right now very capable of hitting qualifying totals.

2) Run 5 more seminars this year at various gyms.  I just ran a clean and jerk seminar with my friends a CF MVMT last weekend, so I just need 4 more.


1) Put 2 more of my sketches/designs on a T-shirt.

2)  Perform at an open mic night of some sort.  I picked up the guitar again and have been fiddling around and going to a BUNCH of shows to kind of see what other people are doing.

One Response to “Setting Goals.”

  1. JD said

    No goals for bench???? CYA

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