The Kevin Open.

March 10, 2014

Yesterday was the final day of the Hassle Free Invitational (AKA The Kevin Open) in Foster City.  I sent most of my people down there and I’m pleased to say, WE LOOK GOOD.  I’ve got an awesome group I’m working with right now that’s got a bunch of people not quite at that national level, but getting there quick.  I love the training environment.  Minimal cupcaking.  Maximal competitive spirit.  I’m proud of my team.  And I’m proud of my gym.  I got a bunch of video from this weekend, so I’ll probably post up a video with commentary sometime this week.

The BEST meets have the venue within the hotel.

Fact: The BEST meets have the venue within the hotel.


The meet itself was a class act.  The Doherty brothers are a shining example of proactive coaches that are capable of hosting such an event.  Not all clubs need to host big super-meets like this one.  It’s not lucrative and for the most part not worth it.  But Hassle Free has been an institution of the weightlifting community for some time now and I’m glad that there are coaches out there who (on top of the obvious goal of producing lifters) have the secondary goal of moving the sport forward.  Younger generations are doing their part as well, like the boys from Caffeine and Kilos.  One of most exciting events from last year was the weightlifting meet that they hosted in tandem with a Crossfit event.  The future of weightlifting is looking bright and I’m glad to be a part of it.

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