Hang Snatches for My Soul.

March 25, 2014

I’ve been on a Southern/Rockabilly kick lately.

Lots of Johnny Cash, Reverend Horton Heat, ZZ Top and this little number.


2 Responses to “Hang Snatches for My Soul.”

  1. Mikey said

    I guess it’s yours to keep (the soul) lolz. Sick speed, also, could your arms get any huger? Always loved Billy Gibbons too for some reason, I think I just like that old school rock aesthetic about just not giving a fuck: Grow the beard, wear sunglasses at night or indoors. On a separate note- cool pants! Who makes them?

    • bclaridad said

      lol yeah I got lucky that time. I’m def into more of the old-school aesthetic nowadays.

      The pants are actually lululemon. Seawall track pants. I have both the lined and unlined versions. Depending on where you live, I’d go with the unlined version because it gets approximately balls hot in Sacramento. But I know it’s still chilly in some areas. Either way, highly recommended.

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