Stream: Void Worship.

March 26, 2014

Be prepared to listen to the frumpiest, doomiest, dustiest, most “just got home from a Dungeons and Dragons convention” record that’s come out so far this year.  I saw these guys play in SF a week ago.  In my opinion, their new material is step forward from their last record released in 2012.  While I liked it, I felt it relied heavily on standard doom archetypes.  And while that’s not necessarily even an issue in many cases, I felt like the band could do well to change their pace a little more frequently.  I’ve listened to the new record streaming HERE via Pitchfork and so far I’m very pleased with the direction that the band is headed.  I feel like they’re on par other popular contemporary doom acts like Pallbearer (one of my current favorite bands) by not shying away from their source material while still creating a NEW cohesive sound.

The guys are pretty nice too and sound great live.  Check ’em out.

I took this photo last Wednesday at Thee Parkside in SF.

I took this photo last Wednesday at Thee Parkside in SF.


Be warned.  This is mood music meant to be listened to in solitude while doing things like writing, drawing or thinking introspectively.  I wouldn’t expect most people to be into this sound.  Don’t try bumping this while riding shotgun in your girlfriend’s Jetta and expect to have a good time.


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