Favorite Shankle Video?

March 30, 2014

Donny has recently been posting up new videos of his training and advices for weightlifters.  In this one, he’s wearing the shirt design I drew for him years ago.  I hope (in a very small way) that he still draws strength from it.

Probably like yourself, I’m a Donny Shankle fan.  Because I’m an American.  Even the driest most boring videos are made better by his baritone narration.  My personal favorite is the video in which he tells how he “got attempted to be mugged” at Euro Disney.  Which one is your favorite?

5 Responses to “Favorite Shankle Video?”

  1. Kyle Kubler said

    The one where he steals the plates of Jon’s bar in between sets

  2. Josh Cline said

    I like the one where he is jerking from the blocks and hang cleaning. I think he calls the bar with 200kg on it a silly little thing after he cleans it from the hang. I also think he does a karate kick at the bar as well. It makes me laugh to just think about it.

  3. wannabburly said

    -Mugged at Euro Disney
    -Hand care
    -The growl after his jerks from the blocks in his 200 kg hang clean PR vid.

    Ben, any chance those shirts are still available for purchase anywhere? I know myself and a couple other people who would like one…

    • bclaridad said

      Sorry, just saw this. I know he HAD them for sale on his blog along with the keychains with my illustrations on them. I’m not sure if it’s up and running anymore. I’m sure he’ll put them out again in the future.

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