Move On Up.

May 5, 2014

Sorry, I’ve been a little behind on my posting lately.  The team and I have been busy (which is a good thing).  A few of us did a meet this weekend which I’ll probably be posting a video of (with commentary).  It was a big one for me as a coach.

Jen qualified for Nationals; which is huge because she’s been competing for at least a few years so I know she’s had her eye on Nationals for a long time.  I’m glad I was part of that final push to get her to the next level.  I’m not taking anything away from the work she and her earlier coach did before she joined up with me.  It’s relatively easy to make a good lifter great if she comes in with a solid base.

Emelie is one of my longtime lifters and has stuck around to really reap the benefits of her training.  She’s now lighter and stronger than ever.  She officially snatched 10kg over bodyweight yesterday in competition (84kg woo!) and walked away with a meet PR clean and jerk.  She’s only been lifting for around two years and I’m excited to see what kind of numbers she’ll be lifting in two more years.

Cameron, our club president had a rough meet but honestly, his numbers from yesterday are consistent with what he’s been hitting in training.  We’re currently trying to problem solve what’s limiting the higher numbers.  He looked awesome after he came back from a weekend seminar with Jacob and Don McCauley so we know he’s got a lot more in the tank.

Paige, one of my newer lifters has been working hard trying to adjust to a new training system and new technique changes.  She came to me already VERY strong (she can fsq 100×3) but also pretty raw when it comes to the lifts.  She ended up with some meet PR’s but we’re both excited to see what she’ll be lifting in 6 months.

Dean and I had some issues with miscommunication and I ended up not seeing him lift.  But he took it as a good training meet and hit some good 90% lifts that are mostly consistent with training.

Until I post the video from this weekend, here’s another training video with one of my all-time favorite tracks on it.

3 Responses to “Move On Up.”

  1. Ted said

    Great song. Who was that sexy beast on USA Weightlifting’s Photo Friday May 2nd?

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