Ben’s Quick Tip #9: Top 3 Most Helpful College Courses for the WL Coach.

May 31, 2014

Here’s a post for the younger crowd who perhaps coaches at a CF and goes to school.  Maybe you want to get into weightlifting coaching.  I was never all that great as a student, but here’s a few classes that have helped me.  

I wouldn’t say that a degree should nessesarily be a requirement of a good weightlifting coach but having studied exercise science in school, I’d say that there are both classes of high value to a WL coach and classes of very little importance.  Here’s my list of top 3 most helpful classes that have improved my weightlifting coaching and understanding:

3) Anatomy and Physiology:  I’m going to group this as one class because it is offered as such at some schools.  This one is really a no brainer.  Any good coach should have a basic understanding of the structures of the human body and how they work.

2) Kinesiology:  More advanced classes like biomechanics are also obviously helpful but I use the more basic knowledge of movement on a daily basis.

1) Motor Learning:  This class has been the MOST helpful to me as a coach.  Teaching people a skill set suddenly became a whole lot easier when I learned the basics of how a person actually learns how to do things.  Highly recommended even if you’re not in college.  Go on Amazon and buy a book on this subject.  Even just a base level understanding will arm you with knowledge on how to guide others through their learning process.

There it is.  I’m not saying I’m perfect (I’m far from it).  I learn something new every day and occasionally I’ll be surprised that I went so long missing out on a particular aspect of coaching.  An open mind is your best tool both in the lab and in the field.  These are just a few classes that have actually carried over to what I do every day.

One Response to “Ben’s Quick Tip #9: Top 3 Most Helpful College Courses for the WL Coach.”

  1. Awesome, Thanks Ben, super hlepful!

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