Q: How is my Nationals Prep Going?

July 13, 2014

Well compared to last year (or I guess any year), I’m in way better shape going into Nationals.  I think I only hit like 130 and 170 or something like that last summer in Ohio.  I’ll definitely total higher than that this year.  Over the past 3 weeks, I’ve also been eating more to get my super bloat on going into the contest.  I’ll probably weigh a hefty 118 or somewhere around there.  After which, I plan on immediately getting back down to a healthier 113-115kg.

As far as my other athletes, Emelie will be lifting at her first National meet as a 75.  We did the weight cut very gradually so she most likely won’t have to lose any water going into weigh ins.  Jen will be lifting in her first National contest.  I’m really proud of all the progress that she’s made in the past 6 months.  She deserves to be at a National meet.

Wish us luck and I’ll try to keep you updated as best I can!

Ben Selfie BW

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