Fashion Post: Fav Lulu Shorts & Actual Pain Sale.

July 25, 2014

Question: Ben, what are your favorite workout shorts from Lululemon?

Answer: The Pace Breaker shorts. I’ve got 3 pairs.

I like everything about these shorts.  The length is perfect; not too long so they get in the way, not too short so your sack can fall out.  For a while, it seems like with lifters that extremely short shorts were all the rage.  Pro tip: no one wants to see your junk in the gym setting.  Put that shit away.  And don’t give my that “my quads are too big” garbage.  If you can’t fit into Lululemon shorts, you’re too big of a biscuit, plain and simple.  Lose a few kilos, biscuit.  They also come with a built in liner so you can go commando on light days and then double layer with compression on heavy days.  Also included is a zippered cell phone pocket; handy for when you want to have headphones in while squatting or if you’re a trainer like me, you can keep your cell on you and still demo cleans without busting your phone.


Actual Pain is having a 50% off sale till the 28th (the secret code is: SUMMER).  It’s a company that has absolutely nothing to do with working out.  Believe it or not, just because I lift heavy weights doesn’t mean I need a T shirt reminding people I squat.  I just picked myself up a couple snap backs.  Check this company out.

Snap backs and clean and jerks, bro.

Snap backs and clean and jerks, bro.



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