Club Swole III: The Third One.

August 2, 2014

Friends and internet friends,

We’re in the planning stages for our 3rd annual Club Swole event.  This is something we do every year to help get myself and my athletes around to national meets.  Back when it was pretty much myself and Cecily, we went to JR nationals, Collegiate Nationals, etc.  But since we’ve grown, my main focus is getting MOAR people to Nationals and the American Open.  I’ve got close to 20 heads on my team at this point (think Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood except for weightlifting) and a lot of them are building towards the American Open total they need for December.  Point blank: If we’re going to get there, we’ll need to raise some serious cash.  This Club Swole is going to be our biggest ever.  I’m talking Casino tables, silent auction, bites to eat and of course some tasty beverages.

I’ll post more info here as we hammer out the details, but right now it’s looking like it will be happening October 4th at the gym.   Check out this fun video I made from last year and hopefully it will spark your interest enough to come party with us.


One Response to “Club Swole III: The Third One.”

  1. White Lightning said

    I won’t be around October 4th 😦 Move the entire event to fit my schedule? Thx!

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