Woods-Moving to the Left.

August 31, 2014

Contender for my favorite track of the year.

Track by Woods.  Photo by me.

Went hiking in Skyrim.

Went hiking in Skyrim.

2 Responses to “Woods-Moving to the Left.”

  1. Mike powers said

    Where do you hike? I haven’t done any camping/ hiking since like 5th grade. How do I start lol?

    • bclaridad said

      Are you in the Nor-Cal area? If so, I suggest heading up hwy 50 towards Tahoe. You don’t have to go up very far. There’s some decent scenery and hills as close as Folsom. As you go up higher up in the Placerville area, you’ll find a good amount of day hikes and naturally once you make it up to Tahoe, you’re pretty much in the bees knees of hiking. If you’re a lifter, I’d caution you to find trails that are marked as relatively easy. Anywhere you’ll go, someone has gone before you and chances are you can find info online. Depending on the incline, a 6 mile hike in towards a destination is doable if you’re in shape but that’s probably as far as I’d go. Good luck and happy hiking!

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