Training Update: MOAR Caffeine & Kilos.

September 4, 2014

I decided to take the majority of August OFF from training.  It drove me crazy.  In 9 years, I never willingly took time off but I honestly got to the point where I was over reaching into other parts of my life, including business and coaching.  The weights weren’t moving and I lost my drive so I figured it would be best to take care of a few things outside of weightlifting, including my mental health.  It’s not easy trying to separate yourself from something that is part of your identity but I highly recommend it if you find yourself in the position I was in.  It’s not like I had more time on my hands but I did make it a point to do a few things for myself including some hiking and I even began practicing yoga (I’ll write more on that later).  

This is my first week back to real training.  I’m the same as I was a few weeks ago except a little weaker, happier and more focused on my own training.  I found out on Monday that I’ll be competing at the Caffeine & Kilos Invitational on Sept 20th so basically  I have 16 days to get back to full strength.  I’m actually really excited.  I’m not contest ready right now, but I feel like I can bounce back pretty good in a few weeks given my renewed focus.  This meet was a really special one for me last year.  It basically turned my weightlifting career around.  After the 2013 Nationals, I thought I was done.  All of my efforts were focused on Cecily and the rest of the team and I was getting more and more comfortable with taking a back seat and just coaching.  I lost her and a few others so I once again felt the drive to show my skill through my own lifting.  The rest of the year was the best training cycle I ever had.  Since then, it’s been a delicate balance of focusing on myself and the team but we’ve really grown a lot and I couldn’t be happier with our progress.  

I’ll take as much video of my training that I can over the next 3 weeks to document my progress.  Just yesterday I was able to hit my 85%s for 5 singles each.  I expect to be able to hit my 90%s tomorrow.  I’ve decided to stop doing yoga temporarily though it’s something that I’m going to continually include in my lifestyle.  I’ve got one more outdoor adventure planned for this month.  It will be an overnighter but a really mild hike so it shouldn’t take too much out of my legs.  

Here’s my lifts from last year.  Credit goes to Hector and his badass camera for getting some great shots. 

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