Training Update: C&K Prep.

September 11, 2014

Yesterday is the first day that  I’ve been able to hit my 90%s on the same day since my break from lifting (135/165).  It took longer than I wanted it to but as we all know progress comes when it decides to.  Plan all you want, but your body doesn’t understand (sets X reps = progress.)

I actually wan’t supposed to hit 90%s yesterday.  Generally, I’ll never deviate from the training schedule because it sets a bad example for the team.  Why would they believe in something that I don’t believe in myself.  The last two weeks I felt have been an exception from this rule because I basically had 3 weeks to get  back in contest shape. I did my squats at my target weight in the morning. 2×1 bsq at 240kg.  It’s a weight that crushed me on Monday as I went for a daily max x3.  Then in the afternoon I went in thinking if I was physically able to stick to the plan, it would be a success.  The plan was 10×1 snatch at 120kg and 10×1 clean and jerk at 145kg; both are my 80%s.  I hit 5 of each at my 80%s then hit 3 more at my 85% and a couple at 90%.  I only missed one snatch at 85% and one jerk at 90%.  I went for an eleventh rep on clean and jerk at 170kg which I clarked but overall I was happy with how the day went.

My long lost training partner, Alex Lee came back.  He’s kind of like Batman because he only shows up when you need him the most.  I took his presence as a sign.

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