Final C&K Invitational training update.

September 16, 2014

I’m 3 days out from competing at the 2nd C&K Invitational at McClellan Airforce Base.  A team functional fitness event will be taking place throughout the day and the weightlifting invitational session begins at 4:30 this Saturday.  If you’re in the area, come check it out.  Spectator admission is 5 bucks but honestly it is well worth it as 25 of the best lifters in the country will be competing.

This meet personally means a lot to me.  It was here last year that I was able to turn my weightlifting career around, getting a PR total and then following it up with my most productive training cycle ever.  I’m not at my peak, but obviously I’m hoping for similar results this year.  At the very least, I’m excited to be competing again and sharing the platform with some of the best.

I hit 140/170 this past Friday which is the most I’ve done since Nationals.  Honestly, that’s a huge relief because I don’t have it in me to open up with any less.  I’m not so much concerned with what everybody else is doing, so I’ll go ahead and say that at minimum I’m looking for a 320 total and at maximum I’ll be looking for 335.  Anywhere in the middle will represent a decent day for me.

I recorded a good chunk of my meet prep over the past 3 weeks but I think I might go ahead and save the footage until afterwards so I can throw the contest lifts at the end of the video.

Wish me luck! I’m gonna need it!

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